Commercial Services

                           Corporate Systems

Simplify and streamline the technology in a corporate environment. From managing and presenting information, to global communication systems with audio video, shading, climate and lighting control, an MDA designed system can make the control of your technology scalable and easy to use.

Whether adding a lounge for your employees, digital signage, or a new boardroom video conferencing system to speak with your partners across the globe, Home Digital Solutions will design the perfect package to integrate all your technology needs.

Phone System

                                  Phone Systems

Not all phone systems are created equally, so it's important to understand that the phone system you choose should be a reflection of your business size and where you expect to be several years down the road.  

We provide commercial and residential telephone system designs and installations for large and small businesses.

Access Control

                                Access Control

Electronic Access Control Systems put you and keep you in control of entry to your facility. We offer Electronic Access Control System solutions that are scalable and can be integrated with your complete facility security system. Manage employee access to your operation, oversee admittance to high-security areas and promote a safer, more secure environment that adds value to your company’s image as an employer.

Shades Commercial

                            Shading Control

Motorized window coverings treatments are designed for guaranteed operation and precise control. Window coverings can be controlled via Keypad, remote or through any automation system.   

Bar and Restaurant

                           Bar and Restaurant

Atmosphere is critical to the success of any bar or restaurant, whether a simple background music system or a high level of customization and specialized lighting effects. Our user-friendly control systems will also allow new users to control many different systems at any given time at the touch of a button. 

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