Whole House Audio & Video Entertainment



                             Multiroom Audio/Video

A multi-room audio/video system lets you enjoy your favorite music and movies anywhere in your home, with push-button ease. The idea really is quite simple: Take a central “rack” of music and video sources – such as digital music and movie servers, DVD players, and satellite receivers – and distribute them to speakers and TV screens throughout the home. Listen or watch in one room while others listen or watch something different in another room. Or play the same music or video throughout the house during a party.

Through integration, your multi-room system can be part of a convenient, centralized system that lets you manage lighting, heating and AC, and other functions of your home from personalized touch-screen remotes and keypads located conveniently around your home.

Systems today can take advantage of your personal music and movie library, or use an internet based streaming service such as Pandora, Rhapsody, ITunes, Netflix and more.

Sonos HDS
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                             Wireless Music System by Sonos

  • Wirelessly manage all your music
  • Create playlists for anywhere in your home
  • Organize everything you listen to in one place
  • Individually control the volume in every room
  • Mac/PC
  • iPhone/iPod
  • iPad
  • Android


                                  3D Video

You have experienced it in the theaters, and now, you can bring this stunning technology home for yourself in rich high-definition. We specialize in the design, installation and integration of the best 3D-capable equipment that will make movies pop right out of the screen. Whether you want a flat-panel television or a projector/screen combination, we can help you and your family to enjoy the astonishing 3D experience you crave right in the comfort of your own home theater.

AV Furniture

                                  A/V Furniture

Versatile, advanced A/V entertainment systems bridges the gap between home furnishings and home electronics with an unstinting dedication to quality, and a broad range of solutions employing the simple, refined lines of modern design.

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