Hidden Solutions

Hidden Solutions

We work with home owners, designers, and architects to keep your technology out of sight. We offer invisible speakers, hidden TV’s and projectors, and centralized audio video distribution.

sa2 invisible speakers

Invisible loudspeakers use a very different technology than traditional loudspeakers to create sound. They mimic the way natural acoustic instruments such as violins or grand pianos work. The result is that a thin (1.5mm) layer of plaster coating can be applied over the speaker without the plaster cracking or the sound being compromised. Once dry, this plaster coat can then be decorated to make the speakers totally invisible. 

The way invisible speakers generate audio actually provide other benefits. The sound they generate is diffuse and radiates in all directions which means the sound sweeps through large areas, right in to the corners, to give a more even, ambient coverage. They also create a much wider dispersion field which means the precise location of each speaker is less critical, giving installers more options when contemplating services and design features.


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